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Compulsory attendance:
Attendance is compulsory in all semester courses. Medical certificates to justify absences must be handed in to the SHSS Office.

Students are invited to inform the professor and the SHSS office in advance (by email) if they are unable to attend a class.


Read more about compulsory attendance policy and procedures


    Credit/audit: The Globalization Program of the School of Humanities and Social Sciences is a credit only program. Globalization Program courses are worth 6 credits in the European Credit Transfer System (ECTS). One credit corresponds to 25 to 30 hours of work.

    Auditors are not admitted to GP courses. All students are required to complete all course work (readings, presentations, field trips, papers, exams).

    Changing courses: students can change their choice of courses during orientation week only. Introductory sessions during orientation allow students meet the professors and discuss their options.

    Dropping courses:
    Students should inform the SHSS office and the professor if they decide to drop a class.


    Number of courses:

    • Students may take as many courses as they wish.
    • Students who have been assigned an accommodation through VIU channels (in the residential halls on the island of San Servolo or in apartment) are required to complete three courses.
    • Students who wish to take "Italian for Foreigners" must also complete two other full term courses.
    • To apply for the Internships and Mobility program: 2 courses is the minimum to apply for destinations worldwide; 3 courses is the minimum to apply for destinations in Italy.


      Furthermore, according to the requirements of your university of origin:

    • 3 courses + Italian for Foreigners is the minimum for students of Duke University.
    • 4 courses is the minimum for students of Tel Aviv University (may include Italian for Foreigners).
    • 4 courses + Italian for Foreigners is the minimum for students of Boston College.
    • 4 courses + Italian for Foreigners is the minimum for students of Tsinghua University, Global Leadership Program.
    • All other students should check the requirements with the International Office of their home university. Minimum requirements may apply.   

    Duration of courses:
    Globalization Program courses consists of 40 class hours (36 contact hours + 4 hours co-curricular activities at discretion of professor). "Italian for Foreigners" consists of 56 hours of tuition.

    Timetable: VIU Academic activities are scheduled from Monday to Friday:

    classes are generally held from Monday 9.15 am to Thursday 6.30 pm;

    many activities and the co-curricular program will be scheduled on Fridays, such as site visits, field trips, some lectures or rescheduled classes (VIU undertakes to inform students at least one week in advance), therefore please consider your schedule and consult with your professors before making personal commitments on Fridays.

    Exams: The evaluation methods are determined by the professor of each course. Exams may be oral or written, intermediate or final. Students may have to prepare research papers and presentations.

    Plagiarism: in exams, research papers and presentations is a form of cheating. Students found guilty of plagiarism will fail the course and their home university will be informed. Disciplinary action may be taken also by the home university.

    All of the following are considered plagiarism:

    • turning in someone else's work as your own
    • copying words or ideas from someone else without giving credit
    • failing to put a quotation in quotation marks
    • giving incorrect information about the source of a quotation
    • changing words but copying the sentence structure of a source without giving credit
    • copying so many words or ideas from a source that it makes up the majority of your work, whether you give credit or not

    For more information on plagiarism, fair use of sources and proper citation of sources, consult the website .

    Special Arrangements:
    If you request any special arrangement in any course, it must be authorized in writing by the professor of the course and by the Assistant Dean and Director of the School of Humanities and Social Sciences, Luca Pes and communicated via email to the SHSS Office. It is the responsibility of the student, not the professor, to obtain the authorization necessary.

    For example:

    • if your university requires you to write an extended essay in order to receive credit
    • if you request an extension on a final essay or paper
    • if you request an intermediate or final evaluation that differs in any way from the regular evaluation for that course



    • VIU is a an International Center for Higher Education and Research. Individual behavior, dress and manners should be respectful of this.
    • Smoking is prohibited inside all VIU buildings.
    • Students are expected to keep the facilities clean and tidy.
    • Repair or replacement of VIU property, including library materials will be charged to the individual responsible for the damage.Students will be charged communally if individual responsibility cannot be determined.
    • Use or possession of illegal drugs will lead to expulsion from VIU.
    • VIU students are expected to be ambassadors for their home university and for VIU. All students should respect their surroundings and fellow students during their stay in Venice.

    Residential facilities

    • No guests are allowed in the residential halls.
    • No pets are allowed in the residential halls.
    • Cooking is strictly prohibited in the residential halls.
    • Smoking is strictly prohibited in the residential halls, including individual rooms.
    • Noise levels should be kept to a minimum, especially after 10 pm.
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