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December 2015 | Celebrating 20 years since the foundation of Venice International University:


We are very proud that we have reached an important milestone in the history of VIU.

VIU's role as a consortium is to provide an innovative platform for transnational education, to build awareness across borders, encourage participation and promote international cooperation. The international body of bright students and distinguished professors creates a rich and exciting interdisciplinary atmosphere.


In 1995 there were five Member Universities and two Institutional Partners; today we have fourteen member universities and three institutional partners. The programs have evolved and grown over the years, and we approach this anniversary knowing that we have enriched the lives and careers of the young, talented minds of so many students who have disembarked from the linea 20 at San Servolo, thus contributing to the dissemination of knowledge and international understanding.


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Save the Date: Saturday, 12 December 2015

In order to mark this significant moment in the history of VIU, we will host the first official VIU Alumni Reunion on Saturday, December 12.

We hope to see many of you return! There will be guest speakers, networking opportunities, and of course, you will have the chance to catch up with your former classmates and professors (and VIU staff!). We look forward to catching up, to hearing some of your more amusing recollections, and learning all about what you've been doing since your semester at VIU.


Our recommendations for accommodation are available here.

Detailed PROGRAM and Registration form for the event.


Advance booking required.



Memories of VIU Competition
As part of the 20th anniversary celebrations, we are collecting "Memories of VIU" from past students and professors.
Alumni were invited to submit entries in the medium of choice: creative or reflective writing, painting, photography, video, music, mixed media etc.

And the winners are...


Eliya Eizenkova (joint 1st place) - multimedia project
Abe Saeko (joint 1st place) - poster
Reut Schwartz (joint 1st place) - video diary and written contribution

Kasa Gentoo (joint 2nd place) - written contribution
Hagar Raanan(joint 2nd place) - stage play script


VIU Alumni Network - Get back in touch
We are updating the contacts database of the VIU Alumni Network. Please fill out the form here to make sure we have the correct contact details and information for you.

We will use this database for information pertaining to the VIU Alumni Reunion in December 2015. We will be launching an alumni newsletter soon too. In addition to updates about what is happening at VIU, we plan on having regular "where are they now" interviews with VIU alumni. If you have other suggestions for the VIU Alumni Network, drop us a line at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

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Alumni Reunion 12.12.15