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Globalization Program

The Globalization Program brings together talented, motivated students from the 16 member universities in a truly multicultural, international and interdisciplinary environment. Each semester over 100 students participate in the program as part of their degree in their home university. The interdisciplinary courses are English-taught by professors from the member universities.
The program provides a powerful learning experience in which students develop their capacity for critical thinking and creative problem solving.  Students of the Globalization Program are thus more prepared for graduate and professional study and for careers in new and emerging fields.

A set of core courses is available every semester, focusing on three themes:


A.    ITALY - courses that showcase Venetian and Italian life, culture, art and history.

1. History of Venice
2. Italian Contemporary History in Films
3. Art and Architecture in Renaissance Venice
4. Italian Fashion and Design

B.    CULTURES OF THE WORLD - courses that examine the cultures of the world; courses that make the most of the intercultural classroom.

5. Intercultural Communication
6. Gender Studies
7. Comparing East and West  

C.    GLOBAL CHALLENGES - courses that address current, global issues, preferably from an interdisciplinary perspective.


  8. Identity, Heritage and Globalization
  9. Globalization, Ethics, Welfare and Human Rights
10. Global governance for peace and security, cooperation and development


Two specialization tracks are also offered, one in Fall and one in Spring. 


11. Economics and Management of the Arts
12. Digital Tools for Humanities
13. Preservation of World Heritage Sites
14. Curatorship


11. Globalization, Environment and Sustainable Development
12. Coastal Wetlands, Lagoons and Estuaries: Environmental Monitoring and Management
13. Cities, Global Change and Sustainable Development
14. Globalization and Competitiveness: Global Value Chains


See the program of PAST SEMESTERS



Additional courses at Ca' Foscari School for International Education


VIU students also have the opportunity to take courses at Ca' Foscari University of Venice:

courses are offered in English by the Ca' Foscari School for International Education.

The complete database of courses available at Ca' Foscari can be consulted here.


Please refer to the SHSS office ( This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it) for assistance with registration.
VIU students do not have to pay any fees for courses taken at Ca' Foscari.
The Ca' Foscari course will be included on the VIU transcript.


More info on courses on offer and deadlines for registration.




Co-curricular program

VIU students have the extraordinary opportunity to live in a world heritage city with a great concentration of arts, architecture and history. But it is not only the signs of the past that make Venice an interesting place to live: the city is a living machine in a unique setting on water, which represents an alternative urban and social concept which extends from the mainland to the many islands in the lagoon and estuary.

The rich co-curricular program offers students the opportunity to discover and relate to the city of Venice, its lagoon and hinterland. Activities include visits to some of the traditional sights, but also a tour of the lagoon with an expert in ecology, visits  to the business districts in the Veneto that are the driving force of the economy in the north-east of Italy, and a variety of guest lectures and cultural events.


Link Co-Curricular program




VIU Scholarships

VIU strives to promote excellence and academic and cultural diversity in the Globalization Program.

Each semester scholarships are awarded to talented students to contribute to the cost of living in Venice for a semester.
The scholarships are equivalent to the cost of accommodation in the apartments arranged by VIU, but will be paid directly to the students, who may choose to spend it on the accommodation that best suits their needs.


Any student regularly enrolled in a VIU Member University (Bachelor or Master’s degree) who wishes to register or is already registered for the VIU Globalization Program.


Read more about application for scholarships




The GLOBALIZATION PROGRAM is the flagship of VIU's academic offer and is run by VIU's School of Humanities and Social Sciences.


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