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Professor Carlo Giupponi, Dean of Venice International University




Message from the Dean


I have had the pleasure of being involved in several VIU initiatives in the past and have contributed myself by organizing some conferences and seminars at VIU, where I benefitted from the professional support of the staff, the quality of the facilities and the beauty of the place.

When the opportunity of becoming the new Dean of VIU emerged, I went back to those past experiences and found strong motivations for offering my competences for this new and challenging role. I found further incentives through the initial interactions with the colleagues from the fifteen Partner Institutions, whom I had the pleasure to meet in March. The two first – quite hectic – weeks of work at VIU, with dozens of meetings and brainstorming with the staff, three former deans and other colleagues collaborating in various ways with VIU just confirmed my initial feelings.

VIU is a well-established organization, but I think we can easily identify several directions for consolidating the 20-year "VIU tradition" and develop new ideas in partnership for the future: efforts to move from 1-way or 2-way collaborations towards networks, further expansion of the partnership in geographical areas of strategic interest; improved collaboration between "local" universities and the other partners; ... even if not entirely within VIU competencies, I would like also to develop actions to demonstrate that the concept of sustainability we teach to students and young scholars from all over the world is practically implemented on the island of San Servolo.

I look forward to learning how at least some of those ideas can find concrete implementation in the coming years of collaboration with all those interested in the future of VIU.


Carlo Giupponi
Dean of Venice International University

29 March 2016






Past Deans


Agar Brugiavini (2012-2016)
Stefano Micelli (2005-2012)
Ignazio Musu (1999-2005)
Paolo Costa (1999)
Gianni Toniolo (1997-1999)





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