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Sino-Italian Advanced Training Program - Environmental Management and Sustainable Development

The Program
The Environmental Management and Sustainable Development Advanced Training Program has been carried out since 2003 by TEN of VIU in collaboration with Agroinnova – University of Turin, and is part of the Sino-Italian Cooperation Program for Environmental Protection (SICP) which the Italian Ministry for the Environment, Land and Sea agreed on with the Chinese Government.
The training courses address decision makers, civil servants and researchers of the People's Republic of China.


Structure of the Training Courses
The training courses are structured as a set of 12-days modules in Italy and a one-week introductory session in China, when planned in the Program. The core activity takes place at the Venice International University where the headquarters of the Program are located. The Italian training modules include lecturing sessions and site visits in Rome, Venice and Turin. The main part of the Program is carried out on the premises of the Venice International University on its campus on the island of San Servolo in Venice, as headquarter and coordinator of the training activities.


The methodology of the training courses is based on the selection of lecturers from the academia, the public and the private sector. Site visits are a key aspect of the program and are often arranged also in other Italian cities, according to the topic addressed in each training session and the specific training objectives to achieve. This methodology allows to reach a wider goal envisaged by the Program, namely the promotion of a network among Chinese experts and Italian enterprises and institutions.


Training Program 2016

For the list of courses and course agendas please visit the Training Program 2016.


The Distance-Learning Program
The Distance-Learning allows to simultaneously reach a greater number of beneficiaries dislocated in remote areas of China. Italian and Chinese lecturers broadcast live from Beijing and Milan to up to 10 classrooms in selected locations of China. Distant learning courses were organized in cooperation with CASS from 2007 to 2010.


The Sino-Italian Sustainable Development Community
The Training Program involves today about 8800 Chinese trainees, 700 Italian and international experts, 27 institutions and 72 private companies. The Sino-Italian Sustainable Development Community webportal collects all training material, participants' profile, contact information of site visits and experts, to provide a continuing training experience and knowledge exchange between Italy and China.


Chinese Partners
CASS - Chinese Academy of Social Sciences (since 2003)
MOST - Ministry of Science and Technology (since 2004)
MEP - Ministry of Environmental Protection (since 2005)
BMEPB - Beijing Municipal Environmental Protection Bureau (since 2005)
SEPB - Shanghai Municipal Environmental Protection Bureau (since 2005)
TSTC - Tianjin Science and Technology Committee (since 2007)
NDRC - National Development and Reform Commission (since 2009)

MIIT - Ministry of Industry and Information Technology (since 2013)


Technical Partners
Italian Ministry for the Environment, Land and Sea
Agroinnova – University of Turin

Enel Foundation


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