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TEN Program for Sustainability

The Thematic Environmental Networks (TEN) of VIU carries out training and research activities in the field of sustainable development with particular attention to emerging countries.
TEN is conceived as a knowledge-sharing platform for competent authorities in the field of Sustainable Development and has developed an international network of experts, with different backgrounds and competencies, to promote the collaboration among Universities, Governments and Enterprises.

TEN - Thematic Environmental Networks
  • offers advanced trainings for policy-makers, civil servants and experts on a variety of topics dealing with Sustainability;
  • develops research activities on the main areas of environmental management, with specific focus on developing countries;
  • promotes workshops and conferences in cooperation with international renowned institutions.

Since 2003, the TEN is technical partner of the Italian Ministry for the Environment, Land and Sea for the Sino-Italian Advanced Training Program on Environmental Management and Sustainable Development. Other cooperations on  Capacity Building include activities with Mexico, Turkey, and Central and Eastern European countries.
TEN has developed a number of scientific partnerships with a number of private and public institutions, among which are the Enel Foundation, the Universities of Turin, Padova and Siena.
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