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December 2015 Alumni Reunion | Program


VIU Alumni Reunion | Program


Saturday, 12 December 2015

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Friday, 11 December 2015
20.30 Night visit to the Basilica di San Marco
This visit is a constant in our co-curricular program. Many of our alumni will be pleased to have the opportunity to visit the Basilica again with our expert guide, Caterina Nardin.


Saturday 12 December 2015
Visit to Casa dei Tre Oci, photographic exhibition

"Through Women's Eyes. From Diane Arbus to Letizia Battaglia: Passion and Courage"
a selection of works by 25 internationally renowned female artists, curated by Francesca Alfano Miglietti.

The visit will be guided by Denis Curti, artistic director of the gallery, and artist photographer Giorgia Fiorio.

Giudecca island, meeting point 09.50am San Zaccaria boat line 2.

Read more about the exhibition.

14.00  Registration


14.30 Welcome and Opening Remarks
Amb. Umberto Vattani, President of VIU

The Origins
Prof. Paolo Costa, Former Dean and "Founding Father" of VIU
Prof. Gianni Toniolo, Former Dean of VIU and "Founding Father" of VIU

Growth and Expansion

Prof. Ignazio Musu, Dean of VIU 1999-2005
Prof. Stefano Micelli, Dean of VIU 2005-2012


What's New at VIU

Prof. Agar Brugiavini, Dean of VIU since 2012

Prof. Luca Pes, Director of VIU School of Humanities and Social Sciences & Assistant Dean of VIU

15.30 Welcome reception


16.15 Memories of VIU Competition Awards


  • Eliya Eizenkova (joint 1st place) - multimedia project
  • Abe Sanae (joint 1st place) - poster
  • Reut Schwartz (joint 1st place) - video diary and written contribution
  • Kasa Gentoo (joint 2nd place) - written contribution
  • Hagar Raanan(joint 2nd place) - stage play script

16.45 Alumni testimonials
The guest speakers will include:

  • Flavio Carniel, VIU, Spring 2004
  • Assistant Professor, Faculty of Architecture and Fine Art, Norwegian University of Science and Technology
  • Silvia Gimma, VIU Spring 2009
  • Purchasing Manager at  Brenta Srl
  • Laura Brandolin, Spring 2009
    Project officer, University of Padua
  • Juliana Oddo, Spring 2009
  • Outsourcing Office, Fratelli Campagnolo
  • Alessandra Capelli, VIU Spring 2010
  • Trade Marketing Coordinator, Safilo
  • Adriana Palese, VIU Spring 2010
  • Arianna Ronca, VIU Spring 2011
  • Junior Controller, Berluti
  • Christine Milz, VIU Fall 2011
  • Master’s student in Theatre at  Zurich University of the Arts, Institute for the Performing Arts and Film
  • Julia Fermentto-Tzaisler, VIU Fall 2011
  • Writer and journalist,  PhD Candidate at UC San Diego,  2015-16 Gumpel Fellow, Jewish Studies Program
  • Sofia Botvinnik, VIU Fall 2012
  • Master’s student in Arts and Heritage: Policy, Management and Education at Maastricht University
  • Giulia Di Giusto, VIU Spring 2013
    Friuli Intagli Industries
  • Natascha Reihl, VIU Spring and Fall 2013
    Master's student at Sotheby's Institute of Art, London
  • Alessandra Menegazzo, Fall 2013
    Fondazione Musei Civici di Venezia
  • Giulia De Zotti, VIU Spring 2014
  • Analyst in Data Management & IT Process Integration at Deloitte


18.30 Alumni Conversations
VIU aims to facilitate conversations among alumni on topics of particular interest to the VIU community.
The attendees will divide in to groups.
The idea is to transfer experiences and career advice from more experienced alumni to recent graduates. Some external guests from the organizations that host VIU students for internships will also be invited to participate in the “conversations”


-Digital and Visualization Technologies, Heritage sites and Museums

-Made in Italy industries and Competitiveness

-City Sustainability Projects


19.30 Gala Dinner with Live Music  (booked out)  


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