S1718 Globalization, Environment and Sustainable Development (Sustainable Development Sp. Track)

Musu Ignazio, Mannino Ilda

Course description

Globalization, in particular economic globalization, has important impacts on the environment that have to be considered in order to achieve sustainable development.

The course aims at introducing the students to globalization and to its environmental implications. Environmental issues have gained center-stage in economic analysis and policy-making and their urgency has opened new opportunities in terms of technological innovation and entrepreneurship.

Through an interdisciplinary perspective, the course will provide students with key competences and instruments for the analysis of natural and environmental resources in a sustainable perspective and for the development of policies oriented towards the promotion of sustainable development processes both at a national and international level.


Introduction and objectives

The course focuses on environmental issues in a globalized context within the framework of sustainable development. For this purpose the course will cover different themes, starting from the introduction of the concepts of economic globalization and of sustainable development, exploring then the new concept of Green growth and using the case study of Climate Change as representative of the relationship between economic development and environmental issues. The course will also explore the role of businesses in sustainable development, considering Corporate Social Responsibility and Industrial Ecology.


Course organisation and supervision

The overall structure of the course and its thematic organisation have been developed by Prof. Ignazio Musu (Ca’ Foscari University, TEN Program - Venice International University) and Dr Ilda Mannino (TEN Program - Venice International University). Ilda Mannino is also coordinator of the course.

The course is organised around different thematic areas, each developed through classes, and lectures by experts and researchers with different backgrounds.


Course Requirements

Students will be expected to do the required readings and to attend class regularly. Attendance is compulsory for all students. Required readings will be designated on a weekly basis according to the themes listed in the course outline. Students will also be encouraged to find additional material for their papers by searching the Internet and accessing suggested websites.

Field trips and seminars related to the course will be arranged.


>> N.B. Ca’ Foscari students enrolled in Bachelor degrees - Management or Economics Department can attend this course and final exam (auditors are not admitted), however they cannot include it in their “piano di studi” as this course is equivalent to a Master degree course.


As this course is considered equivalent to the course “Pianificazione Strategica e Management della Sostenibilità” and awarded 12 CFU, Ca’ Foscari Master degree students – Management Department must integrate the 40 hours of in-class tuition with a minimum of 40 hours in seminars, field trips and VIULECTURES*.


*VIULECTURES is an initiative promoted by VIU to provide a platform for international and local professors to discuss key and current issues.

Participation in the VIULECTURES is compulsory and counts towards the integration of 40 hours in seminars/field trips for students enrolled in Master degrees of the Department of Management.