The History of San Servolo

The island of San Servolo is located in the Venetian lagoon, between Venice city center and the island of Lido. It takes 10 minutes by boat to reach Piazza San Marco, the heart of Venice.

The island was originally the home of the Venetian Calbana family who, beginning in 810, hosted the seat of a Benedictine Monastery. The buildings of the island have been developed and changed over the ages along with the people who inhabited it. San Servolo remained a monastery until the mid-eighteenth century when it was transformed into a Hospital. The island overlooks the tranquil waters of the lagoon, and covers an area of over sixteen-thousand square meters that were once used for vineyards and gardens.


The restoration work of the monumental complex on the Island of San Servolo began after the hospital's closure and has preserved the architectural qualities and natural landscape of the setting. The island of San Servolo is now open to the public.




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