International PhD Academy on WATER, 8-13 May 2017


This is the first in the Global Challenges Series of VIU International PhD Academies.

Each intensive PhD Academy will focus on a major societal challenges faced by humankind today, which will be addressed via multidisciplinary approaches, involving high-level speakers selected among the VIU member institutions but whose remarks will be adapted to a broad cohort of the VIU community.

This opportunity is open to PhD candidates from the member universities of VIU. 


This first edition relates to the issue of Water, addressing different aspects: ecological, eco-toxicological, economical, sociological, cultural, political, juridical, public health, etc. 

Scientific Coordinator: Prof. Alain Boudou, Universite' de Bordeaux, France 


For more information and for applications please visit the International PhD Academy page on our website.




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