Give to Venice International University

Thank you for considering donating to VIU.


All donations to Venice International University go towards the VIU Scholarship Fund.


VIU Scholarships are awarded to VIU students who are selected for the Internship Program.


Selected students have the opportunity to carry out research internships at VIU's member universities and other research organizations with whom VIU has developed agreements, or a training internship at a choice of prestigious host institutions that include the Peggy Guggenheim Collection, Biennale di Venezia and the UNESCO Venice office.


Unfortunately, sometimes excellent students do not apply because of the concern of sustaining the living costs in the host city. In order for the program to guarantee equaity and diversity, the internships must be supported by scholarships.


By giving to VIU you will allow excellent and deserving students to avail of opportunities that will enrich their young and talented minds.




Venice International University is a registered association, therefore donations to VIU are eligible for tax reductions or deductions in many countries.




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